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Can I purchase Florida Lottery tickets over the Internet? Do you have a subscription service?

No. The Florida Lottery does not offer the sale of Lottery tickets by mail, fax, or via the Internet, nor do we currently offer a subscription service. Tickets must be purchased from any of the more than 13,000 authorized Florida Lottery retailers in the state of Florida. Find an authorized Florida Lottery retailer.

When does a FLORIDA LOTTO ticket matching two numbers not receive a free ticket prize?

Adding the XTRA feature to your FLORIDA LOTTO ticket costs an additional $1, and matching 2 of 6 numbers would constitute a free ticket. Such a ticket will have XTRA: YES posted slightly above the draw date and ticket cost. Therefore, if you have matched 2 of 6 numbers, but within the lower portion of your tickets, it reads XTRA: NO, your ticket is not a winner. Visit the LOTTO section of the website for an in-depth explanation about the FLORIDA LOTTO with XTRA feature.

I have a POWERBALL, MEGA MILLIONS or CASH4LIFE ticket from another state. Can I cash it in Florida since this is a multi-state game?

All POWERBALL®, MEGA MILLIONS® and CASH4LIFE® prizes must be claimed in the state where the ticket was purchased, and all Florida POWERBALL, MEGA MILLIONS and CASH4LIFE® prizes, including the jackpot, must be paid in Florida like all other Florida Lottery games.

For more information on this exciting multi-state game, please visit the POWERBALL, MEGA MILLIONS or CASH4LIFE section of our website.

Can I buy Advance Play tickets for future drawings?

Yes, players can purchase Advance Play tickets from any authorized Florida Lottery retailer. Visit the Advance Play section for more details regarding Advance Play, and the number of Advance Play draws available per game.

How late can I purchase my Draw game tickets? What are the cut-off times?

All Florida Lottery Draw game tickets must be purchased prior to the applicable draw times as follows:

Draw Game Draw Days/Times Cut-Off Times
FLORIDA LOTTO® Wed. and Sat., 11:15 p.m. ET Wed. and Sat., 10:40 p.m. ET
MEGA MILLIONS® Tues. and Fri., 11:00 p.m. ET Tues. and Fri., 10:00 p.m. ET
POWERBALL® Wed. and Sat., 10:59 p.m. ET Wed. and Sat., 10:00 p.m. ET
LUCKY MONEY™ Tues. and Fri., 11:15 p.m. ET Tues. and Fri., 10:40 p.m. ET
CASH4LIFE® Mon. and Thur., 9:00 p.m. ET Mon. and Thur., 8:30 p.m. ET
FANTASY 5™ Daily, 11:15 p.m. ET Daily, 10:40 p.m. ET